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What are the  best smartphones ? This question often comes back to forums and online discussions. Because now the “smart phone” has become essential to organize work, leisure, travel and appointments. If it is true that the iPhone has dictated the line for years, today there are many alternatives and many come from.


enjoyed good press

Now the reduction in the pace of Chinese development, accompanied by confusing news on the trend of exchange rates and stock exchange, are exaggerating the souls of many. Many echoes of the alleged disaster were also heard at the last Davos meeting.

But behind these choruses in unison in the whole of the West, with some exceptions, there hides a reality that continues to reach, albeit overcoming various difficulties and contradictions, increasingly important results.

Even with all its problems, the Chinese GDP, using the criterion of purchasing power parity for the calculation, should be placed in 2015 around 105% of the US and in 2016 could approach 110%, while the total of emerging countries reached a quota of 58% of the world GDP in 2015.


To those who bothered that there are always different USB adapters around the house. The power supply has a total of 4 USB ports .

These include two connections with a charge of up to 2.1A and two with a charge of no more than 1A. The adapter is therefore suitable for tablets and smartphones with fast charge and for normal smartphones.